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'''Figure 3.3b: Additional System Components'''
'''Figure 3.3b: Additional System Components'''

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The Desktop selection screen, shown in Figure 3.3a, allows you to select the system components and window managers to install with PC-BSD. After installation, you can still install or uninstall additional components using Control Panel ➜ System Manager ➜ System Packages.

Figure 3.3a: Desktop Selection Screen


Use the arrow buttons to browse through the primary window managers. Each selection contains a short description. You can also select to install a FreeBSD server instead of a PC-BSD desktop.

If you click the Customize button, you can choose from additional components using the screen shown in Figure 3.3b.

Figure 3.3b: Additional System Components


The following components are available for installation. If you right-click a component and select View Packages, a pop-up menu will list the packages that are installed with that component.

  • Base-I18N: input methods (ibus), fonts, and codecs to support Japanese, Korean, and Chinese users.
  • Desktops: includes the following supported desktops: GNOME2, KDE4, LXDE, and XFCE4. If you expand the + next to a desktop, you can select which components to install with that desktop. You can select as many desktops and components as you wish to install.
  • Development: software utilities suited for developers. These include the valgrind debugging tool, QT development tools, CMake, GNU make, Subversion, and git.
  • Hardware-Drivers: if you expand the + you can select which drivers to install: HPLIP (for HP printers), Handheld (for syncing with WinCE devices), and NVIDIA video.
  • Services: if you expand the + you can select from the following: the MySQL and PostgreSQL database servers, the Samba file server, and the Apache and lighthttpd web servers with PHP.

NOTE: Fluxbox is always installed and available in the login menu of a PC-BSD system.

If you check the box of a component that has a + next to it, it will automatically select all of its sub-components. You can click the + to expand and uncheck any sub-components that you do not wish to install.

Once you have made your selection, click the Next button to proceed to the next screen.

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