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(Sorry for the inconvenience)

Is an application that you need not currently available as a PBI? Making a PBI request is an excellent way to let PBI developers know which applications are most useful to PC-BSD® users. Before requesting a PBI, please do the following:

  • search FreshPorts[2] to see if there is an existing FreeBSD port; if a port does not exist, you want to generate a port request[3] instead

Using the forum

To make your request, start a new thread in the PBI Requests Forum[4]. If this is your first forum post, you will need to use the "Register" hyperlink to create a username and password so that you can login to make your request.

ANMERKUNG: You do not need to login to read the content in the PC-BSD® forums; you do have to login in order to start a new thread or respond to an existing one.

Once you have submitted your request, click the Thread Tools link ➜ Subscribe to this Thread and select your "Notification Type" so that you can be notified of any responses to your request. If you would like to receive notifications about all of the PBI requests in this forum, click Forum Tools ➜ Subscribe to this Forum while in the forum.

When creating a new forum thread, include the name of the PBI you are requesting in the thread name. That way it is easy for PBI developers and other PC-BSD® users to know which applications have been requested.

Response process

People who create PBIs are subscribed to the PBI Requests forum. Usually, someone will respond to a request within a few days either indicating that they are working on creating the PBI or with an explanation if creating a PBI will be problematic. The PBI process is as follows:

  1. A user requests a PBI.
  2. Someone responds to the request and creates a PBI module.
  3. The PBI module is sent to the pbi-dev mailing list[5] so it can be added to the PBI build server.
  4. The PBI module is built on the PBI build server.
  5. Once the PBI is built, PBI testers test for basic functionality such as verifying that the application starts and its menus appear to be present and working.
  6. Once the PBI is tested, the PBI is made available in AppCafe®.
  7. The PBI request is moved from the PBI Requests Forum to the Finished PBIs forum[6].

Please be aware that it takes at least 2-7 days for a new PBI to go from step 3 to step 7 as it needs to be fully tested. If there is a delay, that usually means that a problem was found in the PBI and that the testers are trying to resolve the problem.


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