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ScrotWM is a minimalist window manager written by OpenBSD hackers. It provides keyboard shortcuts, a configuration file, and assumes that the user prefers to use the command line. If you haven't used ScrotWM before, spend some time reading through its man page first. Note: This has recently been renamed spectrwm.

Figure 5.10a provides a screenshot of ScrotWM running on a PC-BSD system:

Figure 5.10a: ScrotWM on a PC-BSD System


To launch applications within ScrotWM, start an xterm by pressing ALT SHIFT RETURN. Once you have an xterm, you can start any program you wish. For example, to start Control Panel type pc-controlpanel.

NOTE: ScrotWM does not provide minimize, maximize, or close buttons within its windows. To close a GUI application, use CTRL c within the xterm you used to launch the application.

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