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txt=Missing Link[1], formerly known as Scrotwm, is a minimalist window manager written by OpenBSD hackers. It provides keyboard shortcuts, a configuration file, and assumes that the user prefers to use the command line. If you have not used spectrwm before, spend some time reading through its txt=Missing Link[2] first.

Figure 6.13a provides a screenshot of spectrwm running on a PC-BSD® system:

Figure 6.13a: spectrwm on a PC-BSD® System


To launch applications within spectrwm, start an xterm by pressing Alt+Shift+Return. Once you have an xterm, you can start any program you wish. For example, to start Control Panel type pc-controlpanel.

spectrwm does not provide minimize, maximize, or close buttons within its windows. To close a GUI application, use CTRL-c within the xterm you used to launch the application. To leave this desktop, type killall spectrwm from an xterm.


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  2. https://opensource.conformal.com/cgi-bin/man-cgi?spectrwm
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