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Changes related to "Category:Post Installation Configuration and Installation Troubleshooting"

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21 January 2015

     07:59(Page translation log) ‎    ‎Drulavigne (Talk | contribs) marked Connect to a Wireless Network/10.1.1 for translation ‎

15 January 2015

     08:36(Page translation log) ‎    ‎Drulavigne (Talk | contribs) marked Booting Into PC-BSD®/10.1.1 for translation ‎
    08:33Booting Into PC-BSD®/10.1.1 ‎(4 changes; hist; 0) ‎    ‎[Drulavigne‎×4]

14 January 2015

    10:15(Page translation log) ‎    ‎[Drulavigne‎×2]
     10:15Installation Troubleshooting/10.1.1 ‎(diff; hist; +1) ‎    ‎DrulavigneShow user links ‎ ‎
     01:24PCDM ‎(diff; hist; -55) ‎    ‎TigersharkeShow user links ‎ ‎

9 January 2015

    09:00(Page translation log) ‎    ‎[Drulavigne‎×6]

7 January 2015

 N   06:41Advanced Installation Topics/10.1.1 ‎(diff; hist; +747) ‎    ‎DrulavigneShow user links (Created page with "<noinclude><translate> <!--T:1--> {{UseTOC{{putVers}}|Nav}}</noinclude> <!--T:2--> The previous section discussed a default installation of PC-BSD®. This section covers the...")
 N   06:41Installation Troubleshooting/10.1.1 ‎(diff; hist; +4,669) ‎    ‎DrulavigneShow user links (Created page with "<noinclude><translate> <!--T:1--> {{UseTOC{{putVers}}|Nav}}</noinclude> <!--T:2--> Installing PC-BSD® is usually an easy process that "just works". Sometimes, however, you ...")
 N   06:40Logging In/10.1.1 ‎(diff; hist; +3,207) ‎    ‎DrulavigneShow user links (Created page with "<noinclude><translate> <!--T:1--> {{UseTOC{{putVers}}|Nav}}</noinclude> <!--T:2--> Once you have finished setting up your system, you will be presented with the PCDM (PC-BSD...")
 N   06:39Post Install Finished Screen/10.1.1 ‎(diff; hist; +500) ‎    ‎DrulavigneShow user links (Created page with "<noinclude><translate> <!--T:1--> {{UseTOC{{putVers}}|Nav}}</noinclude> '''Figure 4.7a: Setup is Complete''' <!--T:2--> The screen in F...")
 N   06:39Connect to a Wireless Network/10.1.1 ‎(diff; hist; +997) ‎    ‎DrulavigneShow user links (Created page with "<noinclude><translate> <!--T:1--> {{UseTOC{{putVers}}|Nav}}</noinclude> <!--T:2--> If the system has an active wireless interface, a screen similar to Figure 4.6a will indic...")
 N   06:38Create a User Screen/10.1.1 ‎(diff; hist; +1,386) ‎    ‎DrulavigneShow user links (Created page with "<noinclude><translate> <!--T:1--> {{UseTOC{{putVers}}|Nav}}</noinclude> <!--T:2--> This screen is used to create the primary user account that will be used to login to the s...")
 N   06:34Set Root Password Screen/10.1.1 ‎(diff; hist; +651) ‎    ‎DrulavigneShow user links (Created page with "<noinclude><translate> <!--T:1--> {{UseTOC{{putVers}}|Nav}}</noinclude> <!--T:2--> This configuration screen, seen in Figure 4.4a, requires you to set the root password. The...")
 N   06:34Time Zone Selection Screen/10.1.1 ‎(diff; hist; +1,059) ‎    ‎DrulavigneShow user links (Created page with "<noinclude><translate> <!--T:1--> {{UseTOC{{putVers}}|Nav}}</noinclude> <!--T:2--> '''Figure 4.3a: Select Time Zone''' <!--T:3--> The n...")
 N   06:33Language Screen/10.1.1 ‎(diff; hist; +630) ‎    ‎DrulavigneShow user links (Created page with "<noinclude><translate> <!--T:1--> {{UseTOC{{putVers}}|Nav}}</noinclude> <!--T:3--> '''Figure 4.2a: Language Selection Screen''' <!--T:4...")
 N   06:33Booting Into PC-BSD®/10.1.1 ‎(diff; hist; +5,202) ‎    ‎DrulavigneShow user links (Created page with "<noinclude><translate> <!--T:1--> {{UseTOC{{putVers}}|Nav|title=Booting Into PC-BSD{{r}}}}</noinclude> <!--T:2--> After installation, PC-BSD® will reboot and you will be pr...")
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