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Beginning with PC-BSD® 9.1, Control Panel provides an icon for accessing XSane[1], a graphical utility for managing scanners.

To use your scanner, make sure the device is plugged into the PC-BSD® system and click Control PanelScanner icon, or type xsane from the command line. A pop-up message will indicate that XSane is detecting devices and will prompt you to accept the XSane license if a device is detected. If a device is not detected, search for your device at the list of supported scanners[2].

NOTE: if the scanner is part of an HP All-in-One device, make sure that HPLIP is first installed in Control PanelSystem ManagerSystem PackagesHardware-Drivers.

Figure 8.14a shows the XSane interface running on a PC-BSD® system attached to an HP OfficeJet.

Figure 8.14a: XSane Interface


The XSane Documentation[3] contains details on how to perform common tasks such as saving an image to a file, photocopying an image, and creating a fax. It also describes all of the icons in the interface and how to use them.

By default, XSane uses the Netscape browser if you click F1 to access the built-in documentation. To change the default browser, either go to PreferencesSetupDisplay and input the desired browser in the Helpfile viewer (HTML) field or change the "browser" setting in the .sane/xsane/xsane.rc file in your home directory.


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