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PCBSD 1.0RC1 - Changelog
11-10-05 (Kris Moore)
 * Upgraded the base OS to FreeBSD 6.0.
    - This core update provides a much needed UI performance boost, and now
      works with much more hardware.
    - For more information on this release of FreeBSD 6, please see

 * Added a graphical Language / Keyboard selector at beginning of installation process.
    - Lets users select the install & system language they wish to operate under. 
    - Also allows keyboard models / maps to be selected, for a wide range of functionality.

 * Added the Network Manager utility.
    - Lets users control and modify their network adapters, setting values such as
      IP addresses, Netmask, DNS, Gateway, and Host name.  

 * The system now ships with Linux Binary Compatability pre-installed.
    - Having this package pre-installed means that users can now download and run PBIs of software such as Flash support, or Java for Linux. 

 * Backwards Compatible with PBI's made for previous versions of PC-BSD. 
    - Users can install and run the same PBI's created for their prior versions of PC-BSD,
      no recompile necessary.

 * System reinstall required.
    - This release is a major step up from previous PC-BSD's, so a reinstall will be required.
      No online update patch will be isssued for 0.8.3 -> 1.0RC1

 * Upgraded KDE to version 3.4.3

 * Changed cursors on Install CD

 * Anti-Aliasing is now enabled by default

 * Added "Greek" to lanaguage selection menu

PCBSD 0.8.3 - Changelog
10-22-05 (Kris Moore)
 * Added auto-run daemon for CD's (Checks for autorun.pbi file after CD is mounted)
 * PC-BSD installer is now 1 CD, with optional 2nd CD for language packs
 * Fixed major FDISK issue (Problem with geometry on some HD's, preventing bootup)
 * Added option to run GUI installation in 1024x768 mode
 * Improved visuals with new default cursor / wallpaper scheme
 * Fixed bug with "cancel" not working when prompting for format during install. 
 * Added a beta version of the PC-BSD command-line registry program
 * Updated user-manager
 * Added several new languages including Japanese, Ukrainian, and Chinese Traditional.

PCBSD 0.8.2 - Changelog
9-23-05 (Kris Moore)
 * Fixed the mountroot issues after installation.
 * Fixed problems with PBI's not installing when a whitespace is in the path. 
 * Updated the scripts used for online update manager. 
 * Added SMP support to kernel. 

PCBSD 0.8.1 - Changelog
9-19-05 (Kris Moore)
 * Fixes many issues with bootup after installation.
 * Fixed problems with Online Update Manager.
 * Updated UserManager.
 * Added Russian and Bulgarian Support. 
 * Activates HD swap space during installation for lower memory systems.
 * Slimmed down KDE 3.4.2 by removing Games / Graphics / PIM ports, which
   can be optionally installed via PBI.  

PCBSD 0.8 Beta - Changelog
9-11-05 (Kris Moore)
 * Upgraded KDE to 3.4.2
 * NEW! Online Update Manager
 * NEW! Online Update Scheduler
 * Add Users GUI
 * Better sound detection
 * PBI's now installed to /Programs
 * Keyboard Layout Selector
 * Able to use "sysinstall" fdisk utility for advanced disk editing.
 * Detect EXT2 Linux partitions for mounting
 * Multiple Languages now supported 
      - English
      - Catalan
      - Danish
      - German
      - Spanish
      - Estonian
      - French
      - Croatian
      - Hungarian
      - Italian
      - Dutch 
      - Norwegian
      - Polish
      - Portuguese
      - Portuguese (Brazilian)
      - Swedish
      - Chinese Simplified
 * Fixed issues relating to BSDLabel
 * Cleaned default desktop
 * All PC-BSD configuration settings now on KMenu

PCBSD 0.7.8 Beta - Changelog
7-18-05 (Kris Moore)
 * Upgraded KDE to 3.4.1
 * Added full printer support to KDE
 * Fixed non-executable .pbi issues
 * Samba Module now works in KDE Control panel
 * Added USB disk/flash drive auto-detection
 * PC-BSD now auto-detects CD and Disk drives during bootup, and populates the "Computer" directory accordingly.
 * Enabled the CUPS daemon
 * Enabled the SMB daemon
 * Fixed issues adding slices
 * Fixed problem stamping MBR
 * Reorganized the KDE launch menu.
 * Reorganized the "Computer" Icon on desktop, and placed it on launch menu.
 * Changed loader.conf options to help fix problems writing to some HD's
 * Fixed shutdown, PC-BSD now turns off hardware automatically

PCBSD 0.7.5 Beta - Changelog
6-24-05 (Kris Moore)
 * Released PC-BSD code under BSD License!
 * Added custom-partitioning to PC-BSD Installer.
 * Added new Text Menu before Installation.
 * Added multiple-language support. 
 * Fixed issues with sound system device busy issues.
 * Fixed issues with dial-up support. 
 * Fixed issue with removing packages - manager now waits for scripts to finish.
 * Fixed KDE menu layout, now when choosing program to open with, it lists properly. 
 * Added many other lanaguage packs to KDE. 
 * Fixed screen-saver issues. 
 * Added "Emergency-Shell" option to installation text menu. 
 * Added option to reset XF86Config file to "vesa" driver during installation.
 * Added following languages: de, fr, es, es_LA, pt, pt_BR.
 * changed default splash screen.
 * cleaned up install CD for a smaller image.
 * Changed look-n-feel of install program. 
 * Updated Window decorations for KDE.
 * Updated default Icon set for KDE.

PCBSD 0.7 Beta - Changelog
5-13-05 (Kris Moore)
 * Upgraded core OS to FreeBSD 5.4-Release
 * Cleaned up look & feel of installer
 * Boot loading screen added
 * KDE Defaults added
 * System auto-login enabled
 * Improved package creator / installer
 * Launch menu icons for installed programs now appear on all users desktops
 * MIME-Types now register properly with package installer
 * Added loading splash screen to package installer
 * Created Add-Users Dialog for easy setup including KDE Defaults

PCBSD 0.6 Beta - Changelog
5-01-05 (Kris Moore)
 * Create beta version of PC-BSD Program Manager.
 * Address issues related to systems with dual-drives, and setting up MBR.
 * Fix how installer sees free space for partitioning.
 * Added confirmation dialog to the "cancel" button in installation program.
 * Gave users permission to mount CD's as non-root. 
 * Created CD device icon within KDE.
 * Integrate PC-BSD package manager into desktop.
 * Created PC-BSD Program installer.
 * Created PC-BSD Package Creator.
 * .pbi extension integrated into KDE desktop.
 * Created "My Computer" icon.
 * Populated "My Computer" with hard disk devices and CD's. 
 * Auto-Hide fluxbox Taskbar during install

PCBSD 0.5a Beta - Changelog
4-18-05 (Kris Moore)
  * Spelling error fix for installer
  * Fixed network card autodetection

PCBSD 0.5 Beta - Changelog
4-15-05 (Kris Moore)
  * Initial Release of PCBSD 0.5 Beta

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