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[[category:Pre-Installation Tasks]]
[[category:Aufgaben vor der Installation]]
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While the PC-BSD® installer is very easy to use, installing a brand new operating system can sometimes be a daunting task.

Before you begin, there are a few things you should check to ensure that your system is ready to install PC-BSD®.

  • Are you dual-booting or installing over the entire drive? If you are dual-booting you will need to ensure that you have a primary partition available. Refer to the section on [[Dual Booting/de|Translations:Dual Booting/Page display title/de]] if your current operating system is not automatically added to the GRUB boot menu after the PC-BSD® installation.
  • Have you backed up your important data? Any irreplaceable data, such as emails, bookmarks, or important files and documents should always be backed up to an external media, such as a removable drive or another system, before installing or upgrading any operating system.

If you wish to determine if your hardware is detected by PC-BSD®, start an installation and click the [[Hardware Compatibility/de|Translations:Hardware Compatibility/Page display title/de]] button in the first screen of the installer.

If you would like to use a portable version of PC-BSD® instead of performing an installation, use [[PC-BSD® Live Mode/de|Translations:PC-BSD® Live Mode/Page display title/de]].

Should you run into an issue with your installation there are many different ways to get help.

This section discusses the following topics:

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