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* [[Booting Into PC-BSD®]]
* [[Booting Into PC-BSD®]]
* [[Language Screen/de|Sprachauswahl-Bildschirm]]
* [[Language Screen/de|Sprachauswahl]]
* [[Time Zone Selection Screen/de|Zeitzonenauswahl]]
* [[Time Zone Selection Screen/de|Zeitzonenauswahl]]

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Konfiguration nach der Installation und Problembehandlung

Once PC-BSD® is installed, it will reboot into the new operating system.

The first time PC-BSD® boots, a background script checks the PC-BSD® mirror servers and automatically configures the system to use the fastest mirror. If you find that you have connectivity issues using AppCafe® or Update Manager, it may mean that your default mirror is temporarily unavailable. You can change the mirror setting in System ManagerMirrors.

Once the PC-BSD® system has finished booting for the first time, the installer will present you with some additional screens so that you can configure your system. This section describes the following post-installation steps and provides some troubleshooting tips for failed installations.

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