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* [[Set Root Password Screen/de|Root-Passwort setzen]]
* [[Set Root Password Screen/de|Root-Passwort setzen]]
* [[Create a User Screen]]
* {{local|link=Create a User Screen}}
* [[Connect to a Wireless Network]]
* {{local|link=Connect to a Wireless Network}}
* [[Post Install Finished Screen]]
* {{local|link=Post Install Finished Screen}}
* [[Logging In/de|Anmelden]]
* [[Logging In/de|Anmelden]]
* [[Installation Troubleshooting]]
* {{local|link=Installation Troubleshooting}}

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Sobald PC-BSD® installiert ist, wird der Rechner neu gestartet und das neue Betriebssystem hochgefahren.

Once the PC-BSD® system has finished booting for the first time, the installer will present you with some additional screens so that you can configure your system. This section describes the following post-installation steps and provides some troubleshooting tips for failed installations.

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