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* [[Create a User Screen]]
* [[Create a User Screen]]
* [[Connect to a Wireless Network]]
* [[Post Install Finished Screen]]
* [[Logging In]]
* [[Logging In]]

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Once PC-BSD is installed, it will reboot into the new operating system. If you are dual-booting PC-BSD, you may need to first add an entry to your boot loader menu. The section on Dual Booting describes how to add a PC-BSD entry to the GAG, GRUB, and EasyBCD boot loader programs.

The first time PC-BSD boots, a background script checks the PC-BSD mirror servers and automatically configures the system to use the fastest mirror. If you find that you have connectivity issues using AppCafe® or Update Manager, it may mean that your default mirror is temporarily unavailable. You can change the mirror setting in System Manager -> Mirrors.

Once the PC-BSD system has finished booting for the first time, the installer will present you with some additional screens so that you can configure your system. This section describes the following post-installation steps and provides some troubleshooting tips for failed installations.

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