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[ Using copyrighted works from others]
{{swapTitle|custompagename=PC-BSD{{r}} Wiki:Copyrights|custompagecategory=PC-BSD{{RM}} Wiki:Copyrights}}
:[[wikipedia:Copyrights#Using_copyrighted_work_from_others|Using copyrighted works from others]]
[ Public Domain]
:[[wikipedia:Public_domain|Public Domain]]
:[ Wikia:Understanding Trademark]
;Applicable licenses
;Applicable licenses
:[ CC-BY 3.0] for documentation.
:[ CC-BY 3.0] for documentation.
:[ BSD 3-clause] for code.
:[[wikipedia:BSD_licenses#3-clause_license_.28.22New_BSD_License.22_or_.22Modified_BSD_License.22.29|BSD 3-clause]] for code.

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Using copyrighted works from others
Public Domain
Wikia:Understanding Trademark
Applicable licenses
CC-BY 3.0 for documentation.
BSD 3-clause for code.
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