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PC-BSD 9.0 Handbook

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What's New in 9

  • choice of desktop manager
  • any XDG-compliant desktop will fully integrate with PC-BSD's graphical utilities
  • PBIs now safely share libraries, reducing their size significantly
  • pkg_add now allows for the installation and management of PBIs from the command line

Installing PC-BSD

Starting the PC-BSD Installation

Language Selection Screen

Keyboard Selection Screen

System Selection Screen

Disk Selection Screen

Users Creation Screen

Desktop Selection Screen

  • Fluxbox is not an option but still available from Session Manager after the installation
  • Desktops not seen in this screen may be available as a PBI which can be installed using Software Manager after the installation
  • If your favourite desktop is not available yet, submit a PBI request

Components Selection Screen

Installation Summary Screen

Installation Progress Screen

Installation Finished Screen

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