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PC-BSD® Wiki:Template QuickRef

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Translations:PC-BSD® Wiki:Template QuickRef/Page display title/enProtection (edit): Edited by: Tigersharke
Key: Bold Roman - required
Roman - required variable value
Italic - optional variable value
Bold Italic - optional variable
1 - specific symbol
2 - two-part template
3 - prevents wiki parser
4 - adds specific style
5 - helper/modifiers

Cite Link2

{{Citelink|url=complete URL|txt=alternate text for external link}}
{{Citelink|}}shortcut|page URL

Registered (superscript)1,4




Registered Mark1




Swap Title

{{swapTitle|custompagename=custom page name|custompagecategory=custom page category}}

Test Lang URL5


Text Box

{{txtbox|width=value|box=text in box|txt=text to right of box}}
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