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PC-BSD®-BenutzerhandbuchProtection (edit): Edited by: Elwood

Beginning with PC-BSD® version 8.2, a PDF of the Users Handbook matching the released version is included as an icon on the PC-BSD® desktop. In addition, the Users Handbook is published in various formats as listed below. Translations of the Handbook are added as they become available and any downloadable file name will indicate the language with a 2-letter ISO code[1]. If you are interested in translating a released version of the documentation, send an email to the PC-BSD® translations mailing list[2].

Published Versions (in reverse chronological order):

PC-BSD® 9.2 was released on 07 Oct 2013. The 9.2 Users Handbook is available in the following formats:

PC-BSD® 9.1 was released on 18 Dec 2012. The 9.1 Users Handbook is available in the following formats:

PC-BSD® 9.0 was released on 13 Jan 2012. The 9.0 Users Handbook is available in the following formats:

  • For those who prefer to purchase a copy of the Handbook for their Kindle, "PC-BSD® 9.0 Handbook (English Version)" is available from Amazon. The ASIN is B006W0EHN8 and this version is text-to-speech enabled.
  • For those who prefer a "dead tree" version of the Handbook, the book version as well as a book and DVD bundle are available from FreeBSD Mall. The ISBN for the book is 1-57176-398-8.

PC-BSD® 8.2 was released on 24 Feb 2011. The 8.2 Users Handbook is available in the following formats:

  • For those who prefer to purchase a copy of the Handbook for their Kindle, "PC-BSD® 8.2 Handbook (English Version)" is available from Amazon. The ASIN is B004SP6PXY and this version is text-to-speech enabled.

Alle Versionen des PC-BSD®-Handbuchs werden unter der Creative Commons Attribution License veröffentlicht. Dies bedeutet, dass dieses Handbuch frei verteilt, modifiziert, übersetzt und in andere Formate konvertiert werden kann, solange Ihre Version den folgenden Text enthält:

Copyright 2011-2015, The PC-BSD® Project.

PC-BSD® und das PC-BSD®-Logo sind eingetragenen Marken der iXsystems.

Wenn Sie das Handbuch in eine andere Sprache übersetzen oder in andere Formate konvertieren, lassen Sie es uns wissen, damit wir Ihnen helfen können es auf de FTP server zu bringen.

Das Handbuch wächst zu einer nützliche Grundlage, wenn die Benutzer (also Sie!) dazu beitragen. Sie brauchen keine großen Teile des Handbuchs schreiben, um einen Beitrag leisten. Sie brauchen auch nicht zu viel Zeit investieren. Sie brauchen einfach nur ein Benutzerkonto erstellen, um sich dann einer der folgenden Aufgaben zu zuwenden:

  • Korrekturlesen vorhandenen Seiten und beheben Sie Tipp- bzw Grammatikfehler oder ändern Sie unklar formulierte Abschnitte.
  • fehlende Abschnitte hinzufügen, veraltete oder unvollständige Inhalte auf den neusten Stand bringen oder ergänzen.
  • update any screenshots that are out of date.
  • every page has a Discussion tab. You can use this if you would like to suggest further information that should appear in that section of the Handbook.
  • create a new section for content that is not yet covered in the Handbook. If you are not sure where to do this, ask on a semi-related Discussion tab.

We are emailed whenever edits are made and will contact you for clarification if an edit is unclear. You can also be notified when specified pages are edited--simply click the "my preferences" or "my watchlist" links whenever you are logged into the wiki.

Copyright 2011 - 2013, The PC-BSD® Project. PC-BSD® and the PC-BSD® logo are trademarks of iXsystems.
All other content within the PC-BSD® Users Handbook is freely available for sharing under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License.

Work in Progress: PC-BSD® Users Handbook (Rolling Release)

Beginning in February, 2013, PC-BSD® switched to a rolling release model for those users who wish to test changes that will be incorporated into the next release of PC-BSD®. The wiki is used to document these changes.

If the information and screenshots on the wiki do not match what you are seeing on your PC-BSD® system, it means it has changed since your version was released. You should instead refer to the Users Handbook that came with your version of PC-BSD®.

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