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'''Bold text'''
{{SwapTitle|custompagename=PC-BSD{{R}} 10.0 TODO|custompagecategory=PC-BSD{{RM}} 10.0 TODO}}
{{SwapTitle|custompagename=PC-BSD{{R}} {{upcoming}} TODO}}
== New Features / Tools planned for 10.0 == <!--T:1-->
== New Features / Tools planned for {{upcoming}} == <!--T:1-->
{| class="spiffy_table"
{| class="spiffy_table"
! Feature
! Feature

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PC-BSD® TODOProtection (edit): Edited by: Tigersharke

New Features / Tools planned for 10.1.2

Feature Owner Skills Status Completion Date
add iSCSI initiator GUI front-end to iscontrol(8) for connecting to FreeNAS™ systems
replace firewall GUI with fwbuilder and document how to use dru
add Info button to Service Manager containing description should really be a DESCRIPTION field in rc.d scripts
Animated splash screen
Add help buttons to custom menus, write help text and add to Pootle dru
Front-end to text installer jhixson
Add option to play some simple games while waiting for installation kris C++ / QT4 / shell
Add password strength meter to installer and warn if root / user are same. kmoore C++ / QT4
Localize the meta-pkg descriptions kmoore C++ / Shell
C++ / QT CUPS GUI Loic Maury C++ / C
Switch LifePreserver to use /var/ for its backend files kmoore C++ / Shell
changing default language / locale for GDM in pc-sysinstall
add option to wireless settings in network manager to select country code
Add enable / disable startup warden buttons C++ / QT4
Display fetch size / speed on warden downloads C++ / QT4
Display more info about devices in hardware compat GUI C++ / QT4
the psk for WPA networks should be hashed with wpa_passphrase(8) C++ / QT4
Improve system update mechanism to update rc.conf / loader.conf defaults (Perhaps with /etc/defaults/rc.conf) kmoore Shell
add a mass delete snapshot function for warden to delete snapshots no longer needed beyond a certain date. (from the command line not GUI)
Add VPN functionality
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