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PC-BSD® Roadmap

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Release Schedule

Version Date Status
10.0.1 March 2014 Released 14 Mar 2014
10.0.2 June 2014

New Features / Milestones for


Feature Owner Status Completion Date Details
Update Cinnamon to 2.0 kris@ DONE With 10.0.1 Quarterly Update Pulled in latest from MarcusCom Repo
Update AppCafe UI ken@ DONE With 10.0.1 Quarterly Update
Life preserver: * Add new “Classic” backup dialog for custom exclusions and status updates ken@ DONE With 10.0.1 Quarterly Update
Control panel: added desktop environment settings button yurkis@ DONE With 10.0.1 Quarterly Update
Added 'PulseAudio settings' and 'PulseAudio mixer' UI utils kris@ DONE With 10.0.1 Quarterly Update


Feature Owner Status Completion Date Details
Gnome3: Update to actual version (3.12) kris@, Joe Maloney
Finish unifying all UI elements joshms@
Package Manager: Add pkg cleanup functionality kris@ DONE 12 Mar 2014
Update Center: Finish up the utility yurkis@ POSTPONED Already fixed pkg download progress and implemented new cross application communication. But wait for the new pbi and packages related utils.
Control panel: Rework items set (add almost all desktop related items for all desktops) yurkis@ Done at 30% (KDE items only)
Control panel: Add “System only items” to the desktop environment chooser. If user selects this- only system-wide related items will be shown. All desktop related items will be hidden yurkis@ DONE
Cp-lsystem only.png
Mount Tray: Update to run with user permissions ken@ DONE 3/26/14 Updates: Run with User Permissions, EXFAT/EXT4/UDF support, overhauled optical media support
Bluetooth Manager: Overhaul to automatically support mice, keyboards ken@ & joshms@ Not started
Cross-Application Communication: Implement a system for very basic communication between PC-BSD applications (so tray apps update as needed, etc...) ken@ Done at 50% (shell and Qt systems created, not implemented yet in utilities)
FreeBSD Audio Systems: Implement PulseAudio support, FreeBSD mixer control via tray app, and disable DE-specific audio mixers kris@ & ken@ Done at 80% (Mixer utility and PulseAudio support finished)
PBI Subsystems Re-implement PBI runtime binary wrapper in userland, Replacing buggy FUSE module kris@ Done - PBI_PRELOAD wrapper created, rtld fixes and toolchain integration 31 Mar 2014
Full-Disk Encryption Add GELI full-disk encryption options back to installer, integrated with BEADM kris@ Not started
Multiple Disk Install Add options to do installation across multiple disks, I.E. / on ada0, /usr/home on ada1. kris@ Not started
Options for L2Arc / ZIL during install Add options to add a L2Arc / ZIL during install kris@ Not started

Not assigned to version

Feature Owner Status Completion Date Details
Control panel: Add popup menu for items ("Add to desktop", "Run as root", etc) yurkis@ Not started
Control panel: Reimplement application while Qt5 migration: (Displaying items ising Qt Quick (will fix items auto arranging); Make good backend with assync. items reading (will fix any freezes); Quick launch panel; Adding ability to add user defined items) yurkis@ Not started During Qt5 migration (10.1?)
Update Center: Add ability to make updates on remote host and jail on remote host yurkis@ Not started
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