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PC-BSD® version numbers are the same as those used by FreeBSD. In addition, PC-BSD® provides two branches. The branch that you choose to install or upgrade determines whether or not you will receive updates as new features and drivers are added to the operating system. Image names will include the version number, where 10.0 is the most recent version, and either the word RELEASE or STABLE, where:

- RELEASE: indicates that new drivers and features will not be added to the operating system until the next RELEASE version becomes available and the user upgrades to that new version. If reliability is more important to you than new features or drivers, use the RELEASE version.

- STABLE: around the 1st of each month, Update Manager will provide a patch which will update the operating system to include all of the new features and drivers. If you wish to have or test the latest features and drivers as they become available and can tolerate possible breakage caused by new features being available before the next RELEASE, use the STABLE version.

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