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If you wish to try out PC-BSD® before installing it, download the live USB version. Once you have written the image file to a USB media, boot the system with the USB device inserted. Assuming your BIOS has been set to boot from that device, you should see some startup messages followed by the PC-BSD® graphical boot menu, shown in Figure 2.6a.

Figure 2.6a: PC-BSD® Graphical Boot Menu


The options in this menu are described in Booting Into PC-BSD®. If you press enter or wait 10 seconds, the system will continue to boot. If this is the first? time you have booted into the image, the boot will pause with this message:

Trying to mount root from ufs:mdo []...
tput: no terminal type specified and no TERM environmental variable.
Do you want to expand the file-system for this LIVE media?
This process may take up to 15 minutes.
Resize? (y/n):

Press y to expand the file system and reboot into live mode:

Resizing file-system da0a on da0, this may take a few minutes...
Adjusting partition tables on da0...
Running growfs on da0a, this may take a while...
Cleaning up...

You will know that you have successfully entered live mode when you are asked to accept the graphics resolution mode that is considered to be optimal for your hardware.

If this is your first boot, you will then proceed through the post-installation configuration screens, ending in the Logging In screen.

When logging in, use the user account and password that you were prompted to create. Three desktops are available: Fluxbox, LXDE, and Openbox.

Figure 2.6d shows a screenshot of PC-BSD® running the KDE desktop manager from live mode.

Figure 2.6d: PC-BSD® in Live Mode


NOTE: like any live DVD, the amount of installed memory will affect the time it takes the operating system to load and how responsive the system is once loaded. Also, live mode is read-only, meaning that you cannot install applications or save files within this mode. Live mode is meant to provide an environment for testing hardware and to see if you like PC-BSD®. If you do, you should consider installing PC-BSD® onto either the computer's hard drive or into a virtual environment such as VirtualBox.

If you wish to install PC-BSD®, simply click the "Install PC-BSD" icon on the desktop. It will start the installation program for you.

If you wish to leave live mode altogether, click the red flame in the lower left corner ➜ Leave. You can then select to Restart or Shut down the computer.

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