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On this page We try to describe a life cycle of an average PC-BSD from boot to shutdown, find a weak places, and think about some improvements.

I'll use "Use Case" in a freeform.

  • 1. User starts pc
  • 2. OS goes by detect devices stage
  • 3. Starting X
  • 4. Displaying login screen
  • 5. Logging in (setting sound levels)
  • 6. Start Update checker, some GUI services (?)
  • 7. Running various programs, scripts, etc
  • 8. Switching user (actually we should view login screen again)
  • 9. Logging in (setting sound levels again)
  • 10. Start Update checker, some GUI services (again)
  • 11. Shut down pc
  • 2a. If "disk checking" not needed, skip it
  • 2b. If "Disk checking" needed, do it.
  • 3a. Need setup X - start script
  • 3b. Not need setup X - start pdm
  • 3c. Not need setup X - start pdm, pdm failed - oops! PC-BSD currently not know what to do ;)
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