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On this page We try to describe a life cycle of an average PC-BSD from boot to shutdown, find a weak places, and think about some improvements.

I'll use "Use Case" in a freeform.

1. User starts pc 2. OS goes by detect devices stage 3. Starting X 4. Displaying login screen 5. Logging in (setting sound levels) 6. Start Update checker, some GUI services (?) 7. Running various programs, scripts, etc 8. Switching user (actually we should view login screen again) 9. Logging in (setting sound levels again) 10. Start Update checker, some GUI services (again) 11. Shut down pc

2a. If "disk checking" not needed, skip it 2b. If "Disk checking" needed, do it. 3a. Need setup X - start script 3b. Not need setup X - start pdm 3c. Not need setup X - start pdm, pdm failed - oops! PC-BSD currently not know what to do ;)

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