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The PC-BSD Forums contain a wealth of information, tips and solutions which you can access from a web browser. There are many active members and you will find that many questions are replied to quickly. Anyone can read through and search the forums, however you have to create a login account and be logged in if you want to ask a question.

You can ask a question by clicking on the "New Thread" button in the forum category that most closely matches your question. For example, if you are having problems with your video settings, you should create a new thread in the Graphics Card forum. If you don't see a category that matches your question, try the General Support category.

Before creating a new thread, please do the following:

  • Use the Search function to see if a similar question already exists.
  • If you find a similar question, use the "Post Reply" button instead so that your question will be related to the information known so far.
  • If you start a new thread, use a descriptive Title. For example, "Problems with NVIDIA GeForce 8600 GT" is much more useful than "HELP!!!!".
  • Try to be as clear as possible and include what version of PC-BSD you are using, any details about your PC's hardware and what error messages you are seeing.

Most of the discussions on the forum are in English, but there are a few non-English forums:

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