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{{SwapTitle|custompagename=PC-BSD{{R}} 9.2 TODO|custompagecategory=PC-BSD{{RM}} 9.2 TODO}}
{{SwapTitle|custompagename=PC-BSD{{R}} 9.2 TODO|custompagecategory=PC-BSD{{RM}} 9.2 TODO}}
== New Features / Tools planned for 9.2 ==
== New Features / Tools planned for 9.2 ==
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[[category:PC-BSD® Wiki]]
[[category:PC-BSD® Wiki]]
[[category:TODO Lists]]
[[category:TODO Lists]]

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PC-BSD® TODOProtection (edit): Edited by: Tigersharke

New Features / Tools planned for 9.2

Feature Owner Skills Status Completion Date
Enable PEFS via User-Manager, allowing encrypted home directories kmoore QT4/Shell/Sys
add iSCSI initiator GUI front-end to iscontrol(8) for connecting to FreeNAS™ systems
replace firewall GUI with fwbuilder and document how to use dru
add Info button to Service Manager containing description should really be a DESCRIPTION field in rc.d scripts
Animated splash screen
Add help buttons to custom menus, write help text and add to Pootle dru
Front-end to text installer jhixson
Create new Disk Management GUI for post-install usage, ZFS, Advanced FS tasks such as ZFS snapshots, ZFS quota/compression C++ / QT4
Add option to play some simple games while waiting for installation kris C++ / QT4 / shell
Add ability to backup ZFS datasets (in life preserver?)
Add password strength meter to installer and warn if root / user are same. kmoore C++ / QT4
Localize the meta-pkg descriptions kmoore C++ / Shell
C++ / QT CUPS GUI Loic Maury C++ / C
Switch LifePreserver to use /var/ for its backend files kmoore C++ / Shell
changing default language / locale for GDM in pc-sysinstall
add Update All to Appcafe Ken Moore Complete
add option to wireless settings in network manager to select country code
Add directory tree to AppCafe. On app page, at top show Home -> Category -> AppName, clickable Ken Moore C++ / QT4 Complete
Add enable / disable startup warden buttons C++ / QT4
Display fetch size / speed on warden downloads C++ / QT4
Display more info about devices in hardware compat GUI C++ / QT4
the psk for WPA networks should be hashed with wpa_passphrase(8) C++ / QT4
Add some kind of low disk space framework that detects both UFS + ZFS space Ken Moore C++ / Shell / libpcbsd Complete: Added to Mount-Tray Mid-April 2013
Improve system update mechanism to update rc.conf / loader.conf defaults (Perhaps with /etc/defaults/rc.conf) kmoore Shell
add bug reporting tool Complete
add a mass delete snapshot function for warden to delete snapshots no longer needed beyond a certain date. (from the command line not GUI)
Add VPN functionality. If not enough time push back to 10.0.

New Updates/Features for 9.2

AppCafe Improvements

Complete overhaul of the code - everything works much faster now and is easier to update/modify later

Group operations on installed PBI's - check the desired apps then run operations through the "action" menu

Auto-update option for PBI's moved to the installed tab

Added ability to export/import lists of installed PBI's (useful for system migration or setup)

Added ability to downgrade an installed PBI if an older version is available in the repository

All the post-installation steps for PBI's (desktop/menu icons, path links, etc..) can be changed in the settings dialog

Downloaded PBI's can be saved in a user-defined directory (changed in the settings dialog)

All repository management has been moved to the settings dialog

App browser will now list similar applications whenever possible.

Many UI improvements or modifications based on the original AppCafe design

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