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New Features / Tools planned for 9.1

Feature Owner Skills Status Completion Date
add inmate browser to Warden GUI
add iSCSI initiator GUI front-end to iscontrol(8) for connecting to FreeNAS™ systems
replace firewall GUI with fwbuilder and document how to use dru
add Info button to Service Manager containing description should really be a DESCRIPTION field in rc.d scripts
Animated splash screen
Create PBI or inmate for BBB dru
Add system info desktop icon to live mode
Add help buttons to custom menus, write help text and add to Pootle dru
Use the Graphical Boot Loader from OliverFromme C / FreeBSD Commit Access / ?
Front-end to text installer jhixson
Add options for proxy settings in network page of installer kris C++ / QT4
Speed up installed boot-time, background system services / load desktop immediately? jpaetzel FreeBSD rc.d / Scripting?
Create new Disk Management GUI for post-install usage, ZFS, Advanced FS tasks such as ZFS snapshots, ZFS quota/compression C++ / QT4
Add manual disk configuration to installer and install to specific mount-point kris C++ / QT4 / shell
Add option to play some simple games while waiting for installation kris C++ / QT4 / shell
Add ability to backup ZFS datasets (in life preserver?)
Merge "The Warden" into PC-BSD SVN as a built-in tool for managing jails kmoore C++ / QT4 / Shell
Pre-select keyboard layout / timezone based upon language selection kmoore C++ / QT4
Add password strength meter to installer and warn if root / user are same. kmoore C++ / QT4
Localize the meta-pkg descriptions kmoore C++ / Shell
Show meta-pkg port lists in installer / system tool kmoore C++ / Shell
C++ / QT CUPS GUI Loic Maury C++ / C
Switch LifePreserver to use /var/ for its backend files kmoore C++ / Shell
Bluetooth GUI ken
allow pc-sysinstall to import existing ZFS layout
changing default language / locale for GDM in pc-sysinstall
add Update All to Appcafe
Add TRIM support to pc-sysinstall / GUI
Update network GUI to set DNS manually in /etc/dhclient.conf when not using static IPs.
Add setting to automatically create desktop / menu icons upon appcafe installations kmoore C++/QT
Show download spec during system installation, and give option to try another mirror if a failure occurs. Also test mirror connection before starting. kmoore C++/QT
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