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(New Features / Tools planned for 9.0)
(New Features / Tools planned for 9.0)
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|Geli set passphrase via CLI
|Geli set passphrase via CLI

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PC-BSD 9.0 Task List

The following items are features or bugs that we wish to get fixed and into PC-BSD 9.0

Base System Software

Merge in FreeBSD 9.0-Release Not Done

Bug Fixes

List bug fixing TODOs for 9.0 here

New Features / Tools planned for 9.0

Feature Owner Skills Status Completion Date
Allow selecting desktop / optional components at install (KDE/Gnome/XFCE4/Development/Games/Etc) kmoore DONE
Speed up installed boot-time, background system services / load desktop immediately? jpaetzel FreeBSD rc.d / Scripting?
Update Software Manager to allow changing optional components on the fly
Create GUI front-end to new PBI9 format files / pbi-manager kmoore DONE
Allow file-system selection when doing auto-partitioning. kmoore DONE
Make UFS+SUJ the default file-system? kmoore DONE
Merge keyboard layout / timezone / language into single installer page kmoore DONE
Don't make "free space" a selectable option during install, require user to create partition first QT4 - current/src-qt4/pc-sysinstaller
Front-end to text installer jhixson
Convert all remaining apps which use KDE API to pure QT4 only. kmoore DONE
Allow specifying the hostname for installed system via the GUI QT4 - current/src-qt4/pc-sysinstaller
Provide option in network manager to disable lagg0 device QT4 - current/src-qt4/pc-netmanager
Create new PC-BSD specific configuration GUI, which provides access to all other config tools, ala system-settings kmoore QT4 DONE
Use the Graphical Boot Loader from OliverFromme C / FreeBSD Commit Access / ?
Create a separate installer page for configuring bootloader preferences, like the password - Investigate
Create 9.0 Handbook and include offline version with release dru
Add help buttons to custom menus, write help text and add to Pootle dru
Create magic file for webcamd drivers dru
Add system info desktop icon to live mode
Determine if BBB should be PBI or part of base system dru
Animated splash screen
Geli set passphrase via CLI jpaetzel
Touchscreen drivers
LD path *magic* for PBIs

New Features / Tools we would like to see in 9.0

BlueTooth Manager GUI This project would be to develop a QT4 based GUI, which acts as a front-end to the FreeBSD BlueTooth configurations, such as /etc/bluetooth/hcsecd.conf

FreeBSD BlueTooth Handbook

Dial-Up Tethering GUI This project would be to develop a QT4 based GUI, which acts as a front-end to the ppp.conf file, and allow dial-up / tethering configurations to be done graphically.

Getting Involved

Find something you want to help with on this list, or perhaps something you have something new to contribute? If so, first take a look at the Developers Page and then get in touch with us on the PC-BSD Developers Mailing List

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