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(Bug Fixes)
(Bug Fixes)
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|11/30/10 - Commit: [http://trac.pcbsd.org/changeset/8099 8099]
|11/30/10 - Commit: [http://trac.pcbsd.org/changeset/8099 8099] [http://trac.pcbsd.org/changeset/8154 8154]  

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PC-BSD 8.2 Task List

The following items are features or bugs that we wish to get fixed and into PC-BSD 8.2:

Base System Software

Task Owner Status Completion Date
Merge in FreeBSD 8.2-Release kris
Update to KDE 4.5.3 kris

Bug Fixes

Task Owner Status Completion Date
backport changes to System Network Configuration kris DONE 11/30/10 - Commits: 8088 8089 8090 8091
backport changes to Disk section of installer kris DONE 11/30/10 - Commit: 8099 8154
backport changes for hostname selection of installer kris DONE 12/04/10 - Commit: 8153
fix Language Selection in SysInstaller

New Features / Tools

Task Owner Status Completion Date
Update Handbook dru In progress
Freeze Handbook for translators kris
Add 8.2 Handbook to release kris

Specific Features to Test

A list of new/modified features that need testing. Include these notes to testers when the beta is announced:

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