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|fix Language Settings in SysInstaller
|fix Language Selection in SysInstaller

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PC-BSD 8.2 Task List

The following items are features or bugs that we wish to get fixed and into PC-BSD 8.2:

Base System Software

Task Owner Status Completion Date
Merge in FreeBSD 8.2-Release kris
Update to KDE 4.5.3 kris

Bug Fixes

Task Owner Status Completion Date
backport changes to System Network Configuration kris
backport changes to Disk section of installer kris
fix Language Selection in SysInstaller

New Features / Tools

Task Owner Status Completion Date
Update Handbook dru In progress
Freeze Handbook for translators kris
Add 8.2 Handbook to release kris

Specific Features to Test

A list of new/modified features that need testing. Include these notes to testers when the beta is announced:

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