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PC-BSD 8.1 Task List

The following items are features or bugs that we wish to get fixed and into PC-BSD 8.1

Base System Software

Merge in FreeBSD 8.1-Release Not Done
Update to KDE 4.4.x Not Done

Bug Fixes

Change pc-sysinstall to not adjust partition tables Not Done
Add "install desktop icons" checkbox to software manager when you are prompted to install an application Not Done

New Features / Tools

Investigate dropping XGUI and use KDE's XRandR implementation Not Done (kmoore)
Add option for installer to remove unused i10n support files Not Done (kmoore)
Specify to use password or random keys for encrypted volumes Not Done
Add support to create / delete slices in the installer Not Done (kmoore)
Add ability to review partition defaults, and make changes without using advanced menu Not Done (kmoore)
Give option in Software Manager to change update check frequency Not Done
Create a "welcome" application which starts at first load Not Done
Allow encryption of "/" by creating a /boot partition with keys / kernel Not Done
Add option to save multiple keyboard layouts in installer Not Done
Change bootloader to allow selecting multiple options, such as disable acpi + vesa mode Not Done
Explore option to prompt user to overwrite kde4 profile Not Done
Provide work-around for XGUI to bring desktop up in default mode / allow user configuration of xorg.conf Not Done
Add new page to installer, allowing more FreeBSD specific install options, distribution, network settings, ssh, etc. Not Done
Provide more ZFS install functionality, merge to using only a single zpool for all zfs mounts Not Done (kmoore)
Change to using gpart / GPT for dedicated installs Not Done (kmoore)
Add support for creating a Wifi Access Point via the Network Manager GUI Not Done (kmoore)
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