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Getting a port turned into a PBI

If you wish to keep your favorite port across system updates, there is more than one way to accomplish this, but soon to become common is the creation of a PBI. The process of turning a port into a PBI can be a very simple matter of either using pbi_makeport from the commandline, or the GUIfied EasyPBI program. However, not every port submits so easily to this conversion process, and sometimes extra interaction is needed in order to succeed. The purpose of this area is to help document how those challenging ports get turned into PBIs and also perhaps, by way of this information, assist with improvement to the tools that would automate the process. Note: This page pertains to PBI version 9.

Table: Ports that have been attempted. Is it a One-Click PBI creation candidate?

Port category Port name Version 1-click Special changes (and/or errors)
www firefox 8.0 yes small adjustment to define desktop icon
irc quassel 0.73 no needs work; cannot create monolithic version, other versions have problems.
emulators virtualbox-ose 4.0.14 no seems like it cannot pull-in kernel source
deskutils znotes 0.45 yes small adjustment to define included desktop icon
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