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ownCloud[1] is open source software that allows you to create your own cloud storage. This allows you to share data, contacts, and calendars with the devices and users that you define.

In PC-BSD®, you can create your own cloud service by installing ownCloud into a traditional jail that you created using Warden®, or into a TrueOS® installation. For security reasons, it is recommended to not install ownCloud directly onto a desktop installation as the web and database services it requires may expose the desktop to security vulnerabilities. If you are installing ownCloud on your desktop, a traditional jail is recommended as it isolates the software installed into the jail from the desktop system.

Installing ownCloud into a Traditional Ports Jail

If you are installing ownCloud into a traditional jail, make sure that the jail is started, then go to the Packages tab of the jail as seen in Figure 9.9a.

Figure 9.9a: Install the Required Packages


Check the box for Database-Servers -> MySQL and the box for Web-Servers -> Apache, then click the Apply button to install these packages.

Once installed, go to Tools -> Service Manager which will open the screen shown in Figure 9.9b. Start the Apache and MySQL services and change their status to Enable Service so that they are started whenever the jail is available.

Figure 9.9b: Start the Required Services



  1. http://owncloud.org/
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