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Openbox[1] is a highly configurable, minimalist window manager. It is the window manager used by LXDE but can also be run separately from LXDE.

Figure 6.10a: Openbox on a PC-BSD® System
Figure 6.10b: Openbox Configuration Manager

Figure 6.10a provides a screenshot of Openbox running on a PC-BSD® system. The application menu was launched by right-clicking on an area of the desktop.

The application menu contains an entry for the Openbox Configuration Manager which can be used to customize settings such as themes, appearance, mouse, and margins. A screenshot of this configuration utility is shown in Figure 6.10b.

A list of websites containing additional themes is available from the Openbox wiki[2].


  1. http://openbox.org/
  2. http://openbox.org/wiki/Openbox:Themes
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