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The installation files for PC-BSD can be downloaded for free and come with an .iso or .img file extension. Depending upon the type of file you choose, the size will vary between ~200MB and ~4GB. This section will show you how to select which file to download, how to verify the download, and how to burn the file to media.

If you have a slow download connection or wish to support the PC-BSD project financially, you can purchase PC-BSD DVDs from FreeBSD Mall.

Members of the PC-BSD project attend many IT conferences across the globe and give out PC-BSD DVDs at conference booths. Visiting a PC-BSD booth is an excellent way to meet other PC-BSD users and to get your questions answered. Check the the PC-BSD website to see if any Upcoming Events are happening near you. If you are organizing a PC-BSD booth, contact us to arrange for DVDs.

When you go to the Download page of the PC-BSD website, you will find a number of files available for download:

  • DVD (requires a DVD burner)
  • USB Flash (requires a USB memory stick or flash card)
  • Boot-Only CD (requires a network connection during the install)
  • Boot-Only USB (requires a USB memory stick or flash card and a network connection during the install)

There are two versions available for each type of file: one for 32 bit (i386) systems and one for 64 bit systems. It is important that you download a file that is correct for your computer's architecture (32 or 64 bit).

Note: If you plan to use VirtualBox to install PC-BSD, download the 32-bit version, even if your computer is 64-bit. At this time, VirtualBox can only install 32-bit operating systems. Don't worry, the 32-bit install will still work if you're using VirtualBox on a 64-bit system.

The rest of this section will show you how to verify the integrity of the ISO you downloaded, then how to burn it to media.

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