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In PC-BSD, software is divided into PBIs, meta-packages, and package sets:

  • PBIs are single applications, such as web browsers or multimedia utilities. PBIs are installed and managed using AppCafe® and Update Manager will automatically notify you when newer versions of installed PBIs become available.
  • Meta-packages are installable software collections and can be considered as system components. Meta-packages are selected during installation and include supported and unsupported desktops, development utilities, hardware drivers, and miscellaneous applications such as MythTV or XBMC. After installation, your initial meta-packages choices can be modified using System Manager. Warden® also supports meta-packages, allowing you to install system components into a jail.
  • Package sets include the default packages that get installed with any PC-BSD system, plus the meta-packages which are selected for installation by the user. The list of packages which are installed during a 9.1 PC-BSD installation are listed here. CHANGE URL WHEN 9.1 IS RELEASED You can also view the package list for each meta-package here.

pc-metapkgmanger is the command line utility used by the graphical installer, System Manager, Update Manager, and Warden® utilities.

for managing collections of FreeBSD packages in PC-BSD, also know as a "meta-package". It includes the ability to switch between pkgsets, such as "pcbsd" for the desktop, or "warden" for jailed environments or a PC-BSD server installation.


pc-metapkgmanager [options]


 add pkg1,pkg2 <loc>	 -- Add the specified list of meta-packages 
 <loc> should be a FTP / HTTP url where pkg_add can fetch packages, or an absolute path to location of pkg files on disk.
 checkup		 -- Check for updates to pkgs
 del pkg1,pkg2	  	 -- Delete the specified list of meta-packages
 list     	         -- List the available meta-packages
 status <pkg>    	 -- List the status of the specified meta-packages
 update pkg1,pkg2 <loc> -- Update all system packages, or just <pkg> if specified
 <loc> should be a FTP / HTTP url where pkg_add can fetch packages, or an absolute path to location of pkg files on disk.
 --pkgset <pkgset>	 -- Change default pkgset we are using
 --chroot <dir>	 -- Operate on the directory specififed using chroot


The default pkgset can be changed by editing /usr/local/etc/pcbsd.conf and editing the PCBSD_METAPKGSET variable.


pc-metapkgmanger add LXDE,XFCE,GNOME

pc-metapkgmanager del LXDE,GNOME

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