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<span class="txtlg">[ {{pcbsd}} Trac]</span><br/>
<span class="txtlg">[ {{pcbsd}} Trac]</span><br/>
Source, Reports, or Requests<br/><br/>
Source, Reports, or Requests<br/><br/>
<span class="txtlg">{{local|link=Become a Developer/{{release}}|Become a Developer}}</span><br/>
<span class="txtlg">{{local|link=Become a Developer}}</span><br/>
How to help with code<br/><br/>
How to help with code<br/><br/>
<span class="txtlg">{{local|link=EasyPBI2/{{release}}|EasyPBI2}}</span><br/>
<span class="txtlg">{{local|link=EasyPBI2/{{release}}|EasyPBI2}}</span><br/>

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Welcome to the PC‑BSD® Wiki!

 Security WARNING  for users of Unsupported versions of FreeBSD.       
Documentation Projects Development

Wireless Testing
Driver Function & Compatability

PC‑BSD® Users Handbook
Release (10.1 ) wiki publication

Wiki bookshelf
Prior wiki publications

Pkgsrc in PC‑BSD®
Exploring NetBSD pkgsrc potential

Turn FreeBSD® into PC‑BSD®
Conversion instructions?

Solving some problems

Where to find help
Various resources for assistance

A Jail Management Tool

PBI Manager
A Command line Tool Suite

PC-BSD's Login Manager

PC-BSD® Documentation
Handbook version under development

Handbook Errata
Corrections after publishing

FreeBSD® Ideas page
Concepts for possible development

FreeBSD® Wifi Ideas page
Concepts for possible development

PC‑BSD® Trac
Source, Reports, or Requests

Become a Developer
How to help with code

Simplifying the PBI creation process

Bluetooth Testing
How to help development

The PBI9 Format
Improved for 9.0 and beyond

PBI Build Testing
Getting ports turned into PBIs

PC‑BSD® 10.1.1 Task List
Things to do for the next Version

Tasks Looking for People
How YOU can contribute

Press, licensing and other queries
Other languages:German 100% • ‎English 100% • ‎French 23% • ‎Ukrainian 4% • ‎Chinese 8% • ‎Chinese (China) 4%
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