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* {{citelink|url=http://lists.pcbsd.org/mailman/listinfo/commits|txt='''Commits:'''}} lists SVN commits as PC-BSD® code is added or modified by developers.
* {{citelink|url=http://lists.pcbsd.org/mailman/listinfo/commits|txt='''Commits:'''}} lists commit messages as PC-BSD® code is added or modified by developers.

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Mailing lists are a handy way to discuss problems, solutions, and requested features as they create a searchable archive of discussions. The PC-BSD® Project offers the following mailing lists[1] to cover a wide variety of discussion topics:

  • Announce:[2] a read-only, low frequency list used by the PC-BSD® team to make announcements to the community.
  • Commits:[3] lists commit messages as PC-BSD® code is added or modified by developers.
  • Dev:[4] for discussion related to PC-BSD® technical development.
  • Docs:[5] for communications between those who are involved, or interested in contributing to, the PC-BSD® documentation effort.
  • Installer:[6] for discussions about the backend to the pc-sysinstall utility.
  • PBI-bugs:[7] for users to report and discuss bugs found in PBI applications.
  • PBI-dev:[8] for discussions between PBI developers and users concerning PBI construction and maintenance.
  • PBIbuild:[9] lists SVN commits as PBIs are added or modified by PBI developers.
  • Public:[12] general public list for discussion not related to the other mailing lists.
  • Support:[13] if you have a problem, you should report your issue or error messages on this list.
  • Testing:[14] for those wishing to participate in PC-BSD® beta testing and feedback.
  • Trac-bugs:[15] lists notifications about changes to PC-BSD® bug reports in Trac database.

Each mailing list includes a description of topics suitable for discussion on that list, and indicates if it is read only or available for user discussion. Anyone can read the archives of a list. If you wish to send an email to a mailing list, you will need to first subscribe to the list. The link for each mailing list provides an interface for subscribing to that list. When you send an email to the list, remember to use the mailing address that you used when you subscribed to the list.

Several of the mailing lists are archived at gmane[17]. Gmane allows you to read the archives in several different formats. It also provides RSS feeds in various formats for keeping up-to-date on new messages and topics.

In addition to the official mailing lists, there are mailing lists set up by PC-BSD® users. Many of these lists are designed for discussion in other languages. A list of alternative PC-BSD® mailing lists can be found at Google Groups[18].


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