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Once you have finished setting up your system, you will be presented with the PCDM login screen seen in Figure 4.8a. PCDM (PC-BSD Display Manager) is a new, BSD-licensed graphical login utility.

Figure 4.8a: PC-BSD® Login Screen

The hostname of the system will be displayed at the top of the login window. In this example, it is pcbsd-5320. The login window lets you select or input the following:

  • user: the first time you login, the Username that you created in the Create a User Screen/10.0 will be the only available user to login as. Later, if you create additional users using User Manager/10.0, they will be added to the drop-down menu so you choose which user to login as. PCDM will not let you login as the root user. Instead, whenever you access a utility that requires administrative access, PC-BSD will first ask you to confirm your password.
  • password: input the password associated with the selected user.
  • desktop: if you installed any desktops, use the drop-down menu to select the desktop to log into. If you did not install any desktops, Fluxbox/10.0 will be the only available desktop. You can install or uninstall desktops using Package Manager/10.0.

The toolbar at the bottom of the screen allows you to select the following options:

  • Locale: if you did not set the localization during installation or wish to change it, click this icon to set the locale for the login session.
  • Keyboard Layout: click this icon to change the keyboard layout for the login session.
  • Restart/Shut Down: if you wish to restart or shutdown the system without logging in, click the icon in the lower, far right corner.

Once you have made your selections, click the blue arrow icon to login.

These options allow you to select your language, keyboard layout, and desktop to use for the login session. Once you have made your selections, input the password associated with the selected user and press enter.

Welcome & Getting Started

The first time you log in, the PC-BSD® "Getting Started" screen will load as seen in Figure 4.8b.

Figure 4.8b: PC-BSD® Getting Started Screen

If you click the "Next" button, you can read an overview of the utilities that are used to configure your network connection, install applications, configure your system, make a backup, and keep the system updated, as well as how to get involved with the PC-BSD® community. Check the box “Don't show this greeting on next startup” if you do not want to see this screen the next time you log in. To re-open the screen after checking that box, type pc-welcome.

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