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The next screen, seen in Figure 3.2a, indicates that the installer successfully loaded and is ready to present you with its options:

Figure 3.2a: Welcome and Language Selection Screen


The installer is divided into three logical areas:

  • The left panel which lists the screens the installer will step through. The current step is highlighted in red text.
  • The main area in the centre where the installer expects user input.
  • The bottom navigation area where you can read that screen's Help text, use the onscreen keyboard, switch between the US keyboard layout and a user selected layout , navigate to a previous or upcoming screen, or abort the installation.

NOTE: if you select an alternate keyboard layout in the next screen, you can use the "Switch between US layout and user selected layout" button from any installation screen to toggle between your selected layout and the default US layout.

This screen allows you to select your language. PC-BSD's menus have been translated to several different languages and you can see the status of your native language at the PC-BSD Translation Site. If your language does not show 100% translation at this website, it means that not all of the menus have been translated yet and that the untranslated menus will instead display in English. You are welcome to join the PC-BSD Translators Mailing List if you would like to assist in translating menus to your native language.

By default, PC-BSD menus will display in English, unless you select another language in the drop down menu in this screen.

This screen also allows you to set your time zone so that your PC-BSD system will automatically update its clock for events such as daylight savings time. If you wish to keep your clock in sync with an Internet time server, leave the NTP box checked. If you aren't running any time-sensitive applications and don't with to connect to an Internet time server, you can uncheck this box.

When you are finished, click Next to go to the next installation screen.

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