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LXDE is the Lightweight X11 Desktop Environment. It is an excellent choice for older hardware or for users who wish for a complete window manager without all of the overhead required by KDE or GNOME. Since it is XDG-compliant, the PC-BSD Control Panel, AppCafe™, and Life Preserver will be available on the desktop and will integrate into LXDE's menus.

Figure 5.3a shows a screenshot of the default LXDE installation with the LXPanel open.

Figure 5.3a: LXDE Desktop on a PC-BSD System


In addition to PC-BSD's utilities, LXDE provides the following utilities:

  • LXPanel: desktop panel which is launched by clicking on the PC-BSD icon in the lower right corner of the desktop. To configure the panel, right-click the PC-BSD icon and select "Panel Settings" or "Add/Remove Panel Items" from the right-click menu.
  • PCManFM: found in Accessories -> File Manager. A file manager with features like drag and drop, tabbed browsing, built-in file search, file association with default application, thumbnails for images, bookmarks, and support for non-UTF-8 encoded filenames.
  • GPicView: fast image viewer found in Accessories -> Image Viewer.
  • Leafpad: a light-weight graphical text editor found in Accessories -> Leafpad.
  • LXTerminal: terminal emulator found in Accessories -> LXTerminal
  • Xarchiver: archiver utility that supports the 7z, ARJ, bzip2, gzip, lzma, RAR, RPM, DEB, tar, and ZIP file formats. Found in Accessories -> Xarchiver.
  • epdfview: a PDF viewer found in Office -> ePDFViewer.
  • LXAppearance: a theme switcher for customizing the widgets, colors, icons, mouse cursors, and sound effects used by applications. Found in Preferences -> Customize Look and Feel.
  • LXInput: a tool to configure your keyboard and mouse found in Preferences -> Keyboard and Mouse.
  • Openbox: the window manager used by LXDE. You can configure settings such as themes, appearance, mouse, and margins by going to Preferences -> Openbox Configuration Manager.
  • LXTask: task manager and system monitor found in System Tools -> Task Manager.

LXDE does not ship with a web browser. However, you can use AppCafe™ to install your web browser of choice. Once you install a browser, an Internet category will be added to the LXPanel menu.

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