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LXDE is the Lightweight X11 Desktop Environment. It is an excellent choice for older hardware or for users who wish for a complete window manager without all of the overhead required by KDE or GNOME. Since it is XDG-compliant, the PC-BSD Control Panel, AppCafe™, and Life Preserver will be available on the desktop and will integrate into LXDE's menus.

Figure X.XX shows a screenshot of the default LXDE installation with the LXPanel open.

Figure X.XX: LXDE Desktop on a PC-BSD System


In addition to PC-BSD's utilities, LXDE provides the following utilities:

  • PCManFM: found in Utilities -> File Manager. A file manager with features like drag and drop, tabbed browsing, built-in file search, file association with default application, thumbnails for images, bookmarks, and support for non-UTF-8 encoded filenames.
  • LXPanel: desktop panel which is launched by clicking on the PC-BSD icon in lower right corner of desktop. To configure the panel, right-click the PC-BSD icon and select "Panel Settings" or "Add/Remove Panel Items" from the right-click menu.

LXAppearance: theme switcher to change the theme, icons, and fonts used by applications ??

Leafpad: text editor editors/leafpad install by default?

Xarchiver: archiving

GPicView: image viewer

LXTerminal: terminal emulator

LXTask: task manager and system monitor

Openbox: window manager

   LXRandr, a screen manager. Manages screen resolution and external monitors.
   LXShortCut, an easy way to edit application shortcuts

LXMusic: minimalist xmms2-based music player

LXDE Common: default settings configuration file

GtkNetCat: GUI netcat

   LXInput, a config tool to configure your keyboard and mouse under LXDE
   lxde-settings-daemon, configures theme, keyboard and mouse for you. (works with lxinput config tool)
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