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Der Rest dieses Kapitels behandelt:
Der Rest dieses Kapitels behandelt:
* [[Goals and Features|Ziele und Funktionen]]
* {{local|link=Goals and Features}}
* [[What's New Since 9.1|Neues seit Version 9.1]]
* {{local|link=What's New Since 9.1}}
* {{local|link=PC-BSD® Releases|PC-BSD® Releases}}
* [[PC-BSD® Releases|PC-BSD®-Veröffentlichungen]]
* {{local|link=PC-BSD® for Linux Users|PC-BSD® for Linux Users}}
* [[PC-BSD® for Linux Users|PC-BSD® für Linuxnutzer]]

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Willkommen bei PC-BSD®!

PC-BSD®[1] began in 2005 when Kris Moore presented the first beta version of a FreeBSD[2] operating system pre-configured for desktop use. Since then, PC-BSD® has matured into a polished, feature-rich, free-of-charge, open source operating system that meets the desktop needs of the beginner to the advanced user alike.

PC-BSD® is essentially a customized installation of FreeBSD, not a forked derivative. Since the underlying FreeBSD system has been kept intact, you have a fully functional FreeBSD system under the hood. PC-BSD® provides a graphical installer which can be used to easily install a desktop or a server version of FreeBSD known as TrueOS®. Other differences include:

  • PC-BSD® pre-configures at least one desktop environment during a desktop installation.
  • The PC-BSD® graphical installer supports additional features such as configuring ZFS during installation.
  • PC-BSD® provides a graphical software management system for the desktop and a command line equivalent for the server.
  • PC-BSD® provides a Systemsteuerung of utilities for configuring the system. The graphical versions of these utilities are available on the desktop and the command line versions are available on both the desktop and server.
  • PC-BSD® comes pre-configured with a number of automatic scripts to perform tasks such as connecting digital cameras or USB memory sticks.

PC-BSD® started off as an independent project, but since October, 2006 PC-BSD® is financially backed and supported by the enterprise-class hardware solutions provider iXsystems[3].

Der Rest dieses Kapitels behandelt:


  1. http://www.pcbsd.org/
  2. http://www.freebsd.org/
  3. http://www.ixsystems.com/
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