Installing PC-BSD®/9.2

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PC-BSD can be installed from the installation media directly onto a hard drive or it can be installed into a 'virtual computer' using virtualization software such as VmWare Hypervisor or Virtualbox. You can also try PC-BSD without installing it by selecting the Live option when you booth the DVD.

The PC-BSD installer has made installing a Unix-like operating system as easy as installing Microsoft Windows. When installing PC-BSD you don’t need to use the command line or text-based installers, neither do you have to manually edit configuration files.

The installation of PC-BSD is a fast, easy and straight-forward process with a pretty looking Installer. An easy-to-use wizard will take you step-by-step through the whole process by asking a few simple questions and after a few minutes you will have your system up and running. Though the installation process has been made as short and as easy as possible, there are still some advanced options available for power users.

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