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* [[Starting the PC-BSD® Installation/de|Mit der Installation von PC-BSD® beginnen]]
* [[Starting the PC-BSD® Installation/de|Mit der Installation von PC-BSD® beginnen]]
* [[Language Selection Screen/de|Sprachauswahl]]
* [[Language Selection Screen]]  
* [[Language Selection Screen]]  

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Installation von PC-BSD®

PC-BSD® can be installed from the installation media directly onto a hard drive or into a virtual machine using virtualization software such as Virtualbox[1]. You can also try PC-BSD® without installing it by using a Live version.

The installation of PC-BSD® is a fast, easy and straight-forward process. The graphical installer will take you step-by-step through the whole process by asking a few simple questions. Within a short period of time, your PC-BSD® system will be installed, configured, and ready to use. This section will walk you through the following installation steps:


  1. http://www.virtualbox.org/
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