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Anwendungen installieren und PC-BSD® auf dem neusten Stand halten

In PC-BSD®, software is divided into PBIs, meta-packages, and package sets:

  • PBIs are single applications, such as web browsers or multimedia utilities. PBIs are installed and managed using AppCafe®. Update Manager will automatically notify you when newer versions of installed PBIs become available.
  • Meta-packages are installable software collections that can be considered the same as system components. Meta-packages are selected during installation and include supported and unsupported desktops, development utilities, hardware drivers, and miscellaneous applications such as MythTV or XBMC. After installation, your initial meta-package choices can be modified using Package Manager. Warden® also supports meta-packages, allowing you to install system components into a jail.
  • Packages include the default software that is installed with the PC-BSD® operating system. Users running a STABLE version of PC-BSD® can upgrade this software once per month using Update Manager.

This section demonstrates the following PC-BSD® tools for managing software on your PC-BSD® system:

  • AppCafe® to install PBI software using a graphical application.
  • PBI Manager to manage PBI software using command line utilities.
  • Using pkgng to manage the software that is installed with the operating system.
  • Update Manager to install newer versions of PBIs or package sets and to apply security patches using a graphical application.

It also describes how to Create Your Own PBI Repository of custom PBIs.


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