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Both PC-BSD® and TrueOS® provide tools to make it easy to manage software and to keep both the operating system and installed software up-to-date. PC-BSD® provides the graphical AppCafe® and Update Manager utilities for managing and upgrading software. Since TrueOS® is a command-line only install and some users prefer to use command-line utilities, both PC-BSD® and TrueOS® provide the PBI Manager suite of command line utilities and pkgng to manage software and pc-updatemanager to manage updates. If you install software using any of the tools described in this chapter, you will automatically be notified whenever a newer version of software is available.

In PC-BSD®, software is available in three different formats:

  • PBIs are self-contained installation applications.
  • Meta-packages are installable software collections similar to system components. Meta-packages can be selected during installation and include desktops and hardware drivers.
  • Packages additional software which includes the default software that is installed with the PC-BSD® operating system.

The rest of this chapter demonstrates how to use the built-in graphical and command-line tools for managing software and upgrades.

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