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[[File:Icewm2.png|thumb|393px|'''Figure 6.11a: IceWM on PC-BSD®''']]
[[File:Icewm2a.png|thumb|393px|'''Figure 6.11a: IceWM on PC-BSD®''']]
{{citelink|url=|txt=IceWM}} is a light-weight window manager.
{{citelink|url=|txt=IceWM}} is a light-weight window manager.

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Figure 6.11a: IceWM on PC-BSD®

IceWM[1] is a light-weight window manager.

Figure 6.11a shows a screenshot of IceWM running on PC-BSD®. In this example, the user has launched the Application menu by clicking on the IceWM button in the lower left corner. This menu can also be launched by right-clicking anywhere on the desktop.

If you are new to IceWM, see the IceWM FAQ and Howto[2] for more information about configuration, customization, and keyboard shortcuts.


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