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Like many open source projects, PC-BSD® has an IRC channel[1] to connect supporters and users. To get connected, use the following information in your IRC client:

  • "'Nom du serveur:"'
  • "'Nom du cannal:"' #pcbsd (notez que le "#" est nécessaire)

AppCafe® has an IRC category where you can find PBIs for IRC clients. If you do not wish to install an IRC client, you can instead use the the web interface to #pcbsd[2].

IRC is a great way to chat with other users and get answers to your questions. A few things to keep in mind if you ask a question on IRC:

  • Most of the regular users are always logged in, even when they are away from their computer or are busy doing other computing tasks. If you do not get an answer right away, do not get mad, leave the channel and never come back again. Stick around for a while to see if anyone responds.
  • Les utilisateurs d'IRC représentent plusieurs fuseaux horaires différents. Il est fort possible que c'est tard dans la nuit ou très tôt le matin pour certains utilisateurs lorsque vous posez une question.
  • Do not post error messages in the channel as the IRC software will probably kick you out for flooding and it is considered to be bad etiquette. Instead, use a pasting service such as pastebin[3] and refer to the URL on channel. If you prefer to paste an image of your error, upload it to a temporary screenshot hosting service such as Upload Screenshot[4] and post the URL to your uploaded image.
  • Être poli et de ne pas demander à d'autres de répondre à votre question.
  • It is considered rude to DM (direct message) someone who does not know you. If no one answers your question, do not start DMing people you do not know.
  • La première fois que vous participez à un canal, il est de bon ton de dire bonjour et de se présenter.


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