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We are always interested in more download mirrors. If you have a system with a high-speed connection, 350-500GB of space, and the ability to '''rsync''' with a host, you can greatly help the PC-BSD® project and PC-BSD® users by becoming a mirror. More mirrors means faster download speeds and more geographic locations for users to download from.
=== NOTE: In late 2013 PC-BSD switched to a CDN for its file-distribution. ===
This '''rsync''' command will mirror the entire collection of installation files and PBIs:
{{txtbox|box='''rsync -vaz --delete-delay --delay-updates .'''}}
That command should be run as a '''cron''' job with a recommended frequency of at least once daily with a preferred interval of every 12 hours.
Once you have begun the '''rsync''' process, send an email to kris at pcbsd dot org letting him know the URL of the mirror so that the new mirror can get listed and become available to users.

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[edit] NOTE: In late 2013 PC-BSD switched to a CDN for its file-distribution.
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