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We are always interested in more download mirrors. If you have spare web space and bandwidth on your server, PC-BSD will be greatly helped if you would be willing to donate this to us. More mirrors means higher download speeds and more (local) servers for users to download from. PC-BSD is also distributed as torrent and you can help us with seeding, especially the first two weeks after a new release.

Mirrors are the lifeblood of any project such as PC-BSD. If you have a system with a high-speed connection, 150-200GB of space, and the ability to "rsync" with a host, then we need you!

To mirror the PC-BSD ISO / PBI collection, you may use "rsync".

NOTE: Once you've begin the rsync process, please send an email letting us know of the Mirror URL, so we can get you listed on /

  1. rsync -vaz --delete .

(Mirror the entire ISO / PBIdir collection) Recommended Frequency: Daily

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