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* [[wikipedia:dingbat]]
* [[wikipedia:dingbat]]
* → arrow pointing to the right (may replace: -> )
* → arrow pointing to the right (may replace: -> )
* ➿ ➙ ➜ more arrows
* ™ Trademark
* ™ Trademark
* © Copyright
* © Copyright

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Typographic Conventions

The PC-BSD Handbook uses the following typographic conventions:

bold text: represents a command written at the command line. In usage examples, the font is changed with any command output displayed in unbolded text.
italic text: used to represent device names or file name paths.
bold italic text: used to emphasize an important point.

Language usage and word choice

To facilitate future translations avoid the following:

in place of don't, can't or won't use do not, cannot, or will not.
Avoid brand names
use web search instead of Google search

Some special characters

This is a helpful spot to facilitate a copy/paste of these unique characters: