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m (Language usage and word choice)
m (Language usage and word choice)
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;Function instead of service name
;Function instead of service name
:use '''web''' search instead of '''''Google''''' search
:use '''web''' ''search'' instead of '''''Google''' search''
===Some special characters===
===Some special characters===

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Typographic Conventions

The PC-BSD Handbook uses the following typographic conventions:

bold text: represents a command written at the command line. In usage examples, the font is changed with any command output displayed in unbolded text.
italic text: used to represent device names or file name paths.
bold italic text: used to emphasize an important point.

Language usage and word choice

To facilitate future translations avoid the following:

for example, in place of don't or can't or won't use do not, cannot, or will not.
Function instead of service name
use web search instead of Google search

Some special characters

This is a helpful spot to facilitate a copy/paste of these unique characters:

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